Token Flow

  1. Users deposit weETH into the lov-weETH vault for shares

  2. Users burn their shares of lov-weETH for weETH when exiting

  3. lov-weETH deploys to Protocol by holding weETH reserves

  4. lov-weETH vault borrows wrapped ETH (WETH) to swap into weETH for 4x Effective Exposure

  5. lov-weETH vault supplies weETH to the Morpho LP (86% LLTV Pool)

  6. lov-weETH vault farms

    1. Loyalty Points at 2x per fold (8x total)

    2. EigenLayer Restaking Points at 1x per fold (4x total)

    3. Ori Points at 10x

  7. Rebalancing down triggers the lov-weETH vault to borrow more WETH using flashloans

  8. Rebalancing up sells weETH into WETH to pay down debt owed to the Morpho pool

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