What's New in V2


Token Folding

Frictionless Folding Strategy: Leveraged Origami Vaults (lov) turbocharge yield potential by utilising automated leverage for yield-bearing tokens (YBT). This could enhance user yields for the supported token without the need for active position management.

Streamlined Risk Management: Intelligent leverage automates borrowing and repayment to maintain a target exposure to the underlying YBT. No need for the user to actively monitor their health factor.

Deep and Scalable Liquidity: Origami is fully integrated with the top third-party lending protocols in DeFi such as Morpho Finance and Spark Finance to provide a seamless liquidity experience.

Transparent and Low Fees: Origami is committed to affordability with a highly transparent and competitive fees to make folding strategies more accessible than ever.

Make sure you understand the risks associated with Origami Finance before opting to use any of its products.

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