Vault Synopsis

The lov-weETH vault accepts deposits denominated in weETH.

The protocol was launched with a mission to reduce the barrier to entry and decentralise node operations. With the introduction of eETH and the wrapped version weETH for composability, has become the leading ETH liquid restaking protocol, allowing users to natively restake ETH with EigenLayer, a dynamic marketplace for decentralised trust built on top of Ethereum.

The lov-weETH vault allows users to increase their effective exposure to weETH to 4x through folding their weETH collateral on Morpho Finance. This means that at the Target Leverage of 4x, the vault user will earn up to 8x Loyalty Points and 4x EigenLayer Restaking Points. In addition the user will also receive native base ETH staking yields as well as the restaking yield from EigenLayer itself.

Each weETH is eligible for 2x Loyalty Points and 1x EigenLayer Restaking Points which are then effectively multiplied by 4 due to the leverage factor for this vault.

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